Renewable Futures

new conference series and european platform for art, science and technoecologies


RF2021: The Futures of Living Technologies
November 4–6, 2021


Oslo, Norway / Online

Call for conference proposals extended until September 6, 2021

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new art & science conference series
inventing new avenues for developments of tomorrow

The changing role of art in society is one where it does not just create a new aesthetics but gets involved in patterns of social, scientific, and technological transformations. The Renewable Futures aims to shape new contact zones between traditionally separated domains, and bringing together art and science, culture and digital technologies, sustainable businesses and social engagement of the 21st century.


Manifesting the transformative potential of art in the age of post-media – by challenging existing viewpoints, deconstructing social issues, and proposing positive visions for the future


By expanding our previous Nordic Baltic cooperation networks we are building new European platform for artists and scientists who are engaged in techno-ecological research

Knowledge transfer

Facilitating new knowledge production through art and science collaboration, and transforming the cutting edge ideas into sustainable social realities and techno-ecological practices


By bringing together new ways of thinking, scientific knowledge, aesthetics, technologies and social practices, the conferences aim to develop new models for a more sustainable and imaginative way of life


Showcasing most innovative art practices that are transdisciplinary and transformative, and combine the artistic with the social and the natural, the scientific and the emotional, the sensible with the actual


Organising art & science symposiums, urban & rural workshops, participatory research and public education projects, our network aims at increasing the participation level, inclusion and social impact

Conferences and Worklabs

Renewable Futures Conference 2021

november 4–6, 2021

Oslo read more >

Renewable Futures Conference 2018

may 30 – june 1, 2018

Espoo/Helsinki read more >

Renewable Futures 2017:
Economia Conference

April 28–29, 2017

Eindhoven read more >

Renewable Futures
Conference 2015

October 8–10, 2015

Riga read more >

Data Drift

October 9 – November 22, 2015

Riga read more >

iWeek Festivals
2015 and 2016

November 2–8, 2015; November 7–13, 2016

Liepaja read more >

Hybrid Fabrication

May 6 – June 16, 2016

Barcelona read more >

Energy of a
LifeTime WorkLab

May 30 – June 5, 2016

Riga & Paris read more >

3D Open Source and Sustainable
Technologies Workshop

November 29–30, 2016

Helsinki  read more >

Oslofjord Ecologies WorkLab
and Exhibition

November 21–27, 2016

Oslo read more >

Final Partner Meeting in
the iWeek Festival

November 12–14, 2017

Liepaja & Riga read more >

Event programme

Events are organised by partners and taking place in different countries of Europe - Latvia, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland, France, Spain full project programme here


” Thank you all for inviting me to the Renewable Futures conference, which I enjoyed a lot! great organization, great presentations, great shows and great people! “

October, 2015

” I found some time today to visit the data drift exhibition again. I have to say that this is the best information visualization exhibition if ever seen! Thank you so much for everything you all made happen this weekend. The conference, the exhibition as well as Riga was really nice. “

October, 2015

“Just wanted to thank you for a great conference. It was a wonderful experience and I hope there will be possibilities to visit Riga and RIXc again in the future as I am really impressed by what you do.”

October, 2015

” Thanks for a wonderful symposium. The amount of work the Rixc team has put in is impressive and much appreciated.”

October, 2015
“Thank you very much for organising this conference.
The talks were very inspiring and it was fine meeting all these great people.”
October, 2015


Renewable Future project was widely promoted in local and international media. Press releases were sent and individually communication with journalists resulted in the multiple reports and broadcasts in national TV and radio. (LTV 1, LR1, NABA).

In addition these media art and culture webpages and most popular internet news portals wrote about project Art&Science activities. Publicity also provided our long-time partners and exhibition Data Drift reviews was able to read in artforum. Read more >



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Conference Locations

RIXC Center for New Media Culture (Latvia)

Lenču iela 2, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvia

Baltan Laboratories (The Netherlands)

Postbus 4042, 5604 EA Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Ars Longa (France)

104 rue d’Aubervilliers, 75019 Paris, France

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (Norway)

PO box 4 St. Olavs plass, NO-0130 Oslo

Media Lab of Aalto University (Finland)

P.O.Box 16500, FI-00076 Aalto, Finland

Hangar (Spain)

Emilia Coranty 16, Can Ricart, E-08018 Barcelona, Spain

Liepaja University (Latvia)

Lielā iela 14, Liepāja, LV-3401, Latvia